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Independent Escort Berlin
1 hr __________ $1000
Independent Escort Berlin
Extended Escape
2 Hrs ________ $2000
Independent Escort Berlin
4 hrs ______ $3900
Independent Escort Berlin
Sinnfull Break
8 hrs______ $6000
Independent Escort Berlin
24 hrs ______ $8000
Independent Escort Berlin
Total Devotion
48 hrs ______ $13 000
Independent Escort Berlin
In Date Extensions __ $1500
Independent Escort Berlin
1 hr __ $800


To make us happen, the pivotal factor lies in my assurance of your authentic identity. Enhancing the likelihood of receiving a response from my end hinges upon the provision of a concise, initial email containing the subsequent details.

Your complete name as per legal documentation.

A synopsis of your professional background on Linked-in or your company’s biography,


References to a duo of unrelated acquaintances with whom you have had interactions,

Their corresponding email contacts, online platform URLs, and social media engagements,


Valid identification documentation such as a Driver’s License, Passport, or Government ID,

A self-portrait, also known as a selfie.


Please place the fee in an unsealed envelope on a visible table for me prior to our appointment. If we are meeting in public, the fee can be placed in a bouquet of flowers or in a gift bag.
Please do not make me ask for it.
Please note that a deposit of 25% of the fee is necessary.

Plan your rendezvous for an early morning delight, between 9 to 11 AM, and relish an added spark with a supplementary fee of +$200.

Alternatively, should our meeting be arranged within the a few hours, an enchanting encounter awaits, accompanied by an extra charge of +$200.

My fee is not negotiable. 



Instead of waiting for our paths to cross, surprise me by taking fate into your own hands! Whether it’s a formal event, a romantic date or simply a „self-care“ pleasure: I would love to be your +1.

National and international travel is possible. Please note that 50% deposit + travel expenses are required. 

Business or first class flight along with accommodation is required. I require 1-2 hours of personal time per day to attend to personal matters.
For a 24 hour date, 7-8 hours of sleep is desirable.


Kindly take note that for couples, an additional fee of 500 dollars will be applied on top of my standard charges. Your understanding of this adjustment is greatly appreciated

A meeting with a friend gives me a lot of pleasure.More information gladly on request.

Likewise, I am also open to sex with several people. Since I live out sexually free, there are hardly any limits.


I would be happy to meet you at my hotel. It will be intimate and discreet.
Hotel fee applies to incall requests.

Social dates are also very appealing to me. I look forward to your request.


If our date is postponed, I will keep the deposit of 25% as compensation, or please transfer this compensation to me. It is often the case that I had to decline other requests in order to reserve the date for you. If you cancel the date before the above date, I will convert your deposit into a voucher. Please note that I will not refund the deposit.

If you enter forbidden territory by asking for or trying to perform sex without a condom, as well as in the case of drug use, I reserve the right to cancel the date at any time without refunding my fee.
To the good „chemistry“ certainly also contributes a certain hygiene and a behavior that corresponds to a gentleman.


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